Amplifying the messages of the movement for racial equity, justice, diversity, and inclusion.

About Roc Freedom Riders

Amplifying the messages of the movement for racial equity, justice, diversity, and inclusion.

Founded on Juneteenth 2020 in Rochester, New York, ROC Freedom Riders hosts bicycle brigades to advocate for change in systems that will positively impact the lives of Black people.  Each bicycle ride is designed to support Black brands by spending money in real time. A movement comprising dozens of creatives and entrepreneurs, ROC Freedom Riders help companies communicate progress for equity and inclusion initiatives. 

Through the lens of the original Freedom Riders of the 1960s, who tested Supreme Court decisions about desegregation, ROC Freedom Riders hold companies and organizations accountable for their commitments to a more equitable society.

The Freedom Riders activated advocacy in May 1961 to determine the tractability of two Supreme Court rulings:

Morgan v. Virginia (1946): Implementing and enforcing segregation on interstate buses and trains are unconstitutional. 

Boynton v. Virginia (1960): Segregated bathrooms, waiting rooms, and lunch counters are unconstitutional. 

The original 13 Freedom Riders were Black and white men and women who tested court rulings amid the inhumane experiences faced by Black people who were told where they could walk, talk, drink, eat, and rest and faced deadly consequences if they didn’t abide by what were then the laws in this country.  

These brave men and women would board busses to travel to the segregated South to sit at lunch counters, use bathrooms, and infiltrate spaces to ensure Supreme Court rulings were being acknowledged in racially segregated communities. 

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Rashad J. Smith (left)

With over a decade of experience as a consultant in media and communications, Rashad has organized and publicized hundreds of events, programs, and for-impact campaigns. 


Passionate about project management, Rashad specializes in public relations, marketing, media sales, event planning, public speaking, and facilitating engaging workshops and experiences. Rashad is a well-respected go-getter,  helping brands connect to their audiences by bringing together other creatives to execute out-of-the-box ideas.


Rashad is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and earned his B.A. in Communications from Johnson C. Smith University, a Historically Black College in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Devin Malik Anglin (right)
With a keen vision to educate and inspire people, Devin’s creative work predominantly impacts the lives of youth, young adults, and Black and brown communities. As an inner-city educator, Devin challenges his students and their families to defeat the odds by creating opportunities for themselves. 


With an enthusiastic and action-oriented approach to video production,  podcast development, photography, and visual editing, Devin leads the creative process for thought-provoking content that is well-received by Black and brown communities.  Devin is a graduate of Atlanta Metropolitan State College where he earned a degree in Business Administration. 



The eyes and ears of the rides, our captains push bicycle safety and reinforce the messages of the movement. Comprised of Black and non-Black human beings, each captain brings with them a unique personal and professional background and eager for systems to radically change.